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In the Darkness my Heart was Won

Basic Information
Name: Megan
Age: 15
Location: North Carolina
Sexual Preference: Bi-sexual
Hobbies: Singing, Writing (poems, philosophy, music), Film, Photography, Drama/Theater, Playing bass/guitar/piano, Cam-Whoring, etc.
Describe Yourself: Unique, Bitchy, Open-minded, Outspoken, Empathetic

Colors: Neon Green
Bands and Why: Jack Off Jill, Scarling, Orgy, Switchblade Symphony, Lacuna Coil, Flowing Tears, My Ruin, Marilyn Manson, Garbage, Nosfertu, Christian Death...I love them for the same reason people like their own bands. They give you comfert and relate to how you feel alot of the time.
Band Live: I will tell you when I see one ^.^
Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ginger Snaps series, The Ring series, Thirteen, Girl Interrupted, FearDotCom, Darkness, Queen Of The Damned, Cocktail, the Labriyth, Ever After, The Bone Collector...
Book: "Dark Secrets:Legacy Of Lies: by Elizabeth Chandler, "In The Forests Of The Night" by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, "Alice In Wonderland" by Lewis Caroll, "Fever 1793" by Laurie Halse Anderson, "In My Hands" by Irene Opedyke...
Quote and/or Lyric: "Fuck You For Not Beliving In Me, In The First Place."
Store: Indo, Street Fair, Instant Karma

How would you describe yourself: Like I just did up there^ Unique, Bitchy, Open-minded, Outspoken, Empathetic.
What is your definiton of "Gothic": Techniqlly(sp) it is those deriving from Catholic orients, and worshipping God. Mainly monks. Nowdays it has taken on a neo-goth subculture of those with the respect of morbid, dark, and unique lifestyles.
What is your opinion on the store Hot Topic: It's just a fucking store. What's the big deal about it? It loks like the same stuff you purchase from those "uber goth" sites. But since it's mainstream it's so poseur. Even though most places and "goth" stores sell the same brands Hot Topic does.
What type of Goth would you catagorize yourself: Hmmm...I suppose a Faerie Goth.
How long have you been in the Gothic scene: Since middle school...so quite some time.
Why should you be accepted: I love communities, and being active and cam-whoring.
How did you find this community: through scar_candy
What can you do to make this community better if you're accepted: Post, Promote, Vote, Stay Active ^.^ And anything else you guys wish of me.

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